Gezielte Diagnostik, individuelle Therapie und bedarfsgerechtes Training bietet Ferdinand Bader, der Gesundheitsexperte für Leistungsträger.

Best performance
for leaders and executives

Ferdinand Baders focus is on the holistic view of health and the human being.

The mission

High performers and executives have a very complex lifestyle. Knowing this, Ferdinand Bader shows you the way to a healthier lifestyle so that you can stay healthy in the long term and perform well at the same time.

The Bader principle as the basis for healthy movement

Ferdinand Bader has developed his own principle for a healthy and successful lifestyle: The Bader Principle.


Days a year with the Bader principle


Years of experience in competitive sports


Exceptional, enthusiastic customers


One goal: your performance


Ferdinand Bader wants to help people live better and make the world a little bit healthier, more sustainable and better.

At the end of his active sports career, Ferdinand Bader realized how exciting it is to share his knowledge with others. You too can benefit from his know-how.

Owner of Hamucq in Munich

Hamucq is your vacation with a real health factor, on the outskirts of Munich. The basis of our concept is scientific diagnostics and holistic care. During your vacation at Hamucq you will learn to understand your body use this knowledge for your health!

Practice partner of Dr. Schwarzl in Straßlach

Ferdinand Bader has been a partner in the Dr. Schwarzl Health Center since 2021. Together they have developed their own blood picture profile specifically for training and exercise.

Ferdinand Bader

If you want to change your lifestyle, you can't follow a pattern.