The 24h heart rate variability analysis is a powerful diagnostic with extensive statements. At a glance, Ferdinand Bader thus recognizes who is standing in front of him.

Performance potential

Are you standing where you can stand or do you still have reserves? If so, how can you exploit these reserves? Through nutrition, breathing, rhythm or exercise?

Burnout risk

Do you feel stressed because you are facing burnout or do you “only” feel the difference to your optimum?


Are you timing your breaks or periods of stress correctly? How does your body react if you don’t?

Regenerative capacity

How well do you recover during restful periods? Do you get back the energy you expend?

Sleep quality

Do you get enough sleep? How good and restful is your sleep? If it is not restful enough, what is the reason?

Energy balance

How is the interaction between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system? Are you more vagotonic or sympathetic? Do you have an energetic upward or downward spiral?


Whether day or night, as an aerobic creature, it is important to breathe properly! What about your breathing? Especially at night, it leads to deep sleep or exhaustion sleep.

Heart health

Do you have any heart rhythm problems? What is your pulse rate? What does that say about your health?

Identify needs.
Exploiting potential.

What Ferdinand Bader loves about this diagnostic is the fact that he not only gets results, but can also immediately see on which level (exercise, breathing, lifestyle, nutrition, cardiology, etc.) he should intervene first to improve your health, performance and well-being.

Therefore, working with him 24h HRV is a perfect start for everything else. No matter what your goals are, he will get an ad hoc comprehensive picture of your health, your body’s ability to regulate, and direct starting points for what measures he can take to most quickly and effectively tap more of your potential.

The guide to agility and other tips

The pillars of the Bader Principle not only help you become more agile, but also reduce your stress and provide more serenity. In his lectures, Ferdinand Bader vividly talks about the theories and scientific connections behind his methods.

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