The Bader Principle

The pillars of a healthy and successful lifestyle

The Bader Principle is a method developed by Ferdinand Bader himself to find a healthy and successful lifestyle.

B = Beweglichkeit (Mobility)

Mobility is the basis for movement. With complete immobility, no movement can take place. Every sport needs a special level of mobility to be able to perform it without injury. And this rule also applies to everyday life.

A = Atmung (Breath)

As an aerobic living being, breathing is supposed to prolong life. Accordingly, breathing can be used in many ways to influence activation, regeneration, relaxation, heat balance in the body and much more. Learning to control breathing means having many tools for maintaining your own health.

D = Dynamik (Dynamics)

Without dynamism, our body decays. We need strength, coordination and endurance. These are all dynamic forms of movement that maintain our mobility into old age.

E = Ernährung (Nutrition)

Besides breathing, nutrition is also one of the fundamental pillars of our existence. Interesting fact: Evolution has made us “omnivores” to survive, but such a diet is fatal to the goal of aging healthily and living long. For our health as well as for athletic goals, we need appropriate tools from nutrition.

R = Rhythmus (Rhythm)

The more rhythmic our lives are, the better they feel. Shift work, time zone changes or even just daily changing rhythms put a strain on our bodies. It is important for exercise as well as for sleep, nutrition and psyche to find a good rhythm in order to stabilize our health in the best possible way.

The Bader Principle - your daily companion for permanently more mobility and energy.

The Bader Principle is based on five pillars of a healthy and successful lifestyle. Change your routines in all five areas and feel yourself becoming more agile.

The guide to agility and other tips from the health expert.

The pillars of the Bader Principle not only help you become more agile, but also reduce your stress and provide more serenity. In his lectures, Ferdinand Bader vividly talks about the theories and scientific connections behind his methods.

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