Be active together in the workshop

As the name suggests, it's all about "doing". In contrast to his lectures, Ferdinand Bader imparts the practical knowledge to the exciting theory in a workshop or seminar. And in the spirit of continuing education, at the end of each workshop there should also be a learning progress among the participants.

His workshops are as individual as you are. You practice together what will help you in your everyday life.

Short intensive workshops

In 60- to 90-minute workshops, Ferdinand Bader shows you techniques and exercises that can be easily integrated into your everyday life.


You want to become more agile and flexible in your movements? He will show you how.


Improve your sense of balance, your movement sequences and your spatial orientation with targeted exercises.


Our posture not only has an influence on our health, but also on our effect.

Dynamics in everyday life

There are many tricks to stay flexible and not to stay in a certain posture for too long.

Breathing techniques

Breathing techniques are a good tool for more calmness and serenity. Learn stress reduction in minutes.

Would you like
a little more?

If you want to take more time for yourself, Hamucq is the right offer for you. During a one-week holiday, I will help you to make your lifestyle healthier in the long term.

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