Rousing lectures from the health expert

Ferdinand Bader's lectures live from putting lasting images into people's heads. They are rousing events in which he picks people up where they are. Depending on their (prior) knowledge, he adapts his content and language in such a way that the audience is not only entertained in a humorous and entertaining way, but also ends up smarter and more curious.

What makes a good presentation is that scientific knowledge is conveyed to the audience with comprehensible images, pragmatism and humor. This creates a good atmosphere that encourages interaction and ensures lasting information in the memory.


Depending on the objective, Ferdinand Bader has a wide portfolio of topics for health and prepares each presentation individually. A small selection of topics:

A wealth of experience from high-performance sports

As a former ski jumper, he has a wealth of experience, for example related to performance improvement and concentration.

The holistic aspect of health

Our health goes beyond physical well-being. Ferdinand Bader looks at all relevant aspects.

Myths in sports including scientific clarification

Sore muscles are healthy? Sport is only beneficial if you sweat a lot? He clears up sports myths.

Controversy evolution vs. long, healthy life

Our life expectancy is increasing and we all want to grow old healthily. Find out how in my lectures.

Actionable key points for everyday life

Advice is only helpful if it is realistic. It shows you what you can really implement in everyday life.

Stress management with exercise, breathing and nutrition

We all know the phases when there seems to be no time for anything and stress dominates our everyday life. Ferdinand Bader shows you a way out.

The importance of evolution for movement, stress and nutrition

Where we come from determines who we are. Or? He explains what influence evolution still has on our health today.

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