Therapy & Training

With therapy and training to the roadmap for everyday life

Often, all it takes is a push, the right tools and motivating words to start down a new path.


For his therapy and training offer, Ferdinand Bader follows a different approach than the classic “personal training”. The basis is the principle of “teaching training,” which is basically a workshop. Under his guidance, people should

find out the cause of their (movement) problems,

get an exercise portfolio,

use the infrastructure (materials, equipment, ...) they find at home,

practice the whole thing with him and make videos,

so that they can escape from their problems on their own.

So, Ferdinand Bader accompanies people only temporarily and makes them able to act. After his intervention, they go on their journey alone and he (maybe) comes back at a later time to implement updates, improvements or changes in their program.

In a personal consultation, Ferdinand Bader will work with you to find out where you need help and which therapy method is best suited for you.

BADER Principle

Anyone who wants to deal with health in a holistic way cannot avoid the Bader Principle. Accompany him on this path to comprehensive health!

Lifestyle change

You want a new lifestyle? Ferdinand Bader is your partner on this journey. As big and complex as this topic is, as individual and goal-oriented he will approach it.


Altitude training is used in competitive sports to prepare for high points. But performance enhancement is only one aspect. Another is autophagy, i.e., cell renewal for better health.

Nutritional advice

Nutrition is one of the most important pillars for health and well-being and is often underestimated, especially in the area of metabolism optimization.

Frequency therapy

Max Planck already showed that our body consists of over 99 percent frequencies. These can be measured and - should they not vibrate optimally - treated in order to return them to their normal, healthy vibration pattern.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

A very successful therapy method offered by Ferdinand Bader, who will be happy to explain it to you in more detail if you are interested. It is recognized by orthodox medicine for depression, pain (also chronic), migraine, fibromyalgia, anxiety states and sleep disorders. Not (yet) recognized by orthodox medicine, he uses FSM very successfully for Postoperative treatment and allergies.

The first step

Techniques for lasting performance

Increasing performance is one thing. Keeping it constant over the long term is another. Ferdinand Bader shows you how to become permanently healthy and efficient.